What do we do at eLucidata’s ?

We are a small, woman-owned and managed, fast developing company geared toward elevating other small organizations who may benefit from geospatial analysis in their work, but do not have a dedicated GIS staff at their disposal.

We help you you make the most not only of spatial data that you or your group already have on hand, but we also can optimize the collection of your future data. Whether you are interested in applying satellite or drone imagery to a landcover map of your particular area of interest, wish to analyze a backlog of existing species count data, or wish to expand on publicly accessible data to address your mapping question, we are here to help you!

Coming full circle, once your data has been collected, we are able to help you clean, analyze, and display your data in reports, maps, and a plethora of visualizations that will promote both the your own further investigation and the communication of your data’s story to other people beyond your organization.

Putting names to faces

As mentioned previously, we are a small and compact organization, geared toward the helping you discover the story of your data. To learn more about our story, please continue below!

Bran Black

Analyst, Manager

Bran is a longtime lover of maps, spices, and anything sweet-tasting, and has a very, very difficult time walking past a bookstore without going inside.

Small green lizard looking at viewer on wooden railing

Coming Soon

Data Analyst, Visualization Expert

We are now in the process of hiring a very talented new data analyst and visualization expert. Watch this space for their information!


Interested in us working with you on a mapping, data analysis, or geovisualization project? Contact us, and we can start that conversation!